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Eyebrow Threading is considered one of the best method for removing facial hair. Eyebrow Threading is 100% natural and thus highly recommended for sensitive skin, specially for people who use Retin A and Accutane. We are so confident at Triangle Eyebrow Threading that you will never go back to waxing or tweezing to remove facial hair.

In the USA eyebrow threading became popular and the most talked about method of facial hair removal after it was featured on OPRAH. Though relatively new in the USA it became widely accepted as one of the safest method for facial hair removal because it is a safe and tested method that has been widely used for many centuries in the Middle East, European & Asian countries. Eyebrow Threading has received a lot of media attention and press coverage. Magazines like Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Glamour have all featured international celebrities like Selma Hayek, Reese Witherspoon and even Brad Pitt quoting in praise of eyebrow threading.

Why Triangle Eyebrow Threading

  • We use antibacterial thread that is 100% natural cotton to prevent any infections
  • Our specialists are trained to remove even those short stubbly hairs to provide smooth & silky skin
  • We will provide a very precise look with least pain possible leading to a better shaped brow
  • Our expertise with threading prevents any pulling or stretching of your delicate facial skin which in the long term prevents early wrinkle formation